Published On: Tue, Sep 16th, 2014

Facts about US Area 51 and Alien Technology

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The United States of America have always tried to keep the existence of ‘Area 51’ a secret to everyone in this world. Whenever asked, the federal government will always deny that such a site exists. However, it has now been known that the place known as the Area 51 actually does exist and it has been there for decades, to be honest. The site is situated at around a hundred miles north of the Las Vegas. To be more precise, the coordinates of the site are 115 degrees 48 minutes west longitude, 37 degrees 14 minutes north latitude. Yet, as for those who may be confused with these numbers, they may as well simply take advantage of the Google Earth. By entering the keyword ‘Area 51’ into the search box, these people will be brought to the exact Area 51 spot on the map. As many may have known, this particular site is always related to something alien. Whether this alien thing is true or not, it is still unknown.

Area 51

Taking into consideration that the site has actually been there for decades, most people may be asking how it is even possible for the US to keep it such a secret, covered from the rest of the world. Well, as it turns out, the federal government always deletes images of the area captured by satellites. With no imagery of the site in the database that belongs to the federal government, it is very easy for the US to hide this place and claim it to be ‘non-existent’. Back in the year 1973, though, some astronauts from the Skylab managed to take a photo of the area somehow. Yet again, the central intelligence agency, or the CIA, was capable of making sure that the photo would be hidden from the public.

Nevertheless, when the year 2000 finally approached, photos of the site in question were displayed publicly, seemingly for the very first time ever, on a site belonging to the FAS, which stood for the Federation of American Scientists. The photos were snapped with the help of an orbital probe which belonged to the Soviet. They depicted how the Area 51 had grown since the 1960s. In addition to that, the photos snapped by the FAS even depicted a newly built runway as well as quite a few new buildings. As a result, people from all over the world started questioning about the truth of the Area 51 even more.

Reverse Engineering


Area 51 is actually bordered by what is called the Groom Lake, which really is just a lake bed that has dried out over decades. Some say that on this spot, the US government tries to reverse engineer alien spaceships. In addition to that, some also believe that the government attempts to clone extraterrestrial creatures here. Even worse, there are also rumors that the federal government actually filmed a fake footage of men landing on the moon for the first time. The government, itself, however, never confirms any of these words. The act of the government can only leave people asking, it’s like a riddle, as put by Annie Jacobsen in her book in 2011. There are no less than millions of people out there that demand to know what really is going on while there are little to no people that actually know about it.

The Area 51 site is often known as the Dreamland as well. Dreamland is actually a term that is used to represent that the area is a no-fly zone. Anything that flies above the Area 51 can, and will, be shot down. In this case, issuing a warning is not something mentioned in the protocol so pilots had better be careful. After all, the US insists that the area no longer existed ever since 1997. This is ironic, especially considering the fact that Area 51 actually grows by the day. There are even reports that the US develops high-tech, futuristic ships here at the dreamland and the technologies are being referred to as the dreamland technology.

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