Published On: Thu, May 17th, 2018

Favorite Holiday Toy Selection Guide For Parents

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Before holding this special activity, make a list of toys that are not acceptable or appropriate to bring to school. Send this list to parents and make sure to note that it will be enforced strictly.

Favorite Holiday Toy Selection Guide For Parents

Unacceptable toys may include those that are weapons (even if they are plastic or foam), depict violence, are scary to others, are dangerous or could injure another child, or violate any school policy.

If a child forgets to bring in a toy or does not have one to share, make sure to offer at school options. Ask the child to select a favorite classroom toy to present. Avoid making a big deal about this and simply explain that the child has forgotten to bring in a toy. This is a great opportunity for the other children to develop social and emotional skills (including empathy).

Holding a preschool favorite toy show and share after the holidays are over is a fun way to build skills through an entertaining activity. Begin by following simple planning steps that include setting a date and notifying the parents. Send a reminder home close to the show and share date. Encourage the children to listen to and respect their classmates’ stories during this holiday themed exercise.

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