Published On: Mon, Feb 6th, 2017

Former Nasa Engineer Joins Uber Team For Exploring Flying Cars

The flying cars are on the card, but it is not yet learned how many years Uber would taken in experimenting and developing of it. However, the ride-hailing company has lately hired former Nasa engineer Mark Moore as the director of engineering for aviation in the unit.

Uber hinted about its flying cars last year in October singalling it has interest in short-range “vertical takeoff and landing” (VTOL) technology.

The company published a white paper then with discussion about the potentiality for on-demand aviation in transforming the daily commute.

Former Nasa Engineer Joins Uber Team For Exploring Flying Cars

Moore had been with the Nasa for over three decades and his research explored how advances in robotics, autonomous systems and electric propulsion can facilitate new kinds of small aircraft.

Head of product for advanced programs of Uber, Nikhil Goel, said the company is looking ahead of being a catalyst to the growing developing VTOL ecosystem.

Moore had earlier said, “A zero emission, highly efficient, highly reliable, ultra low noise VTOL capability would be a game changer compared with existing close proximity flight capabilities, for both unmanned and manned applications.”

Uber is lately investing heavily in technology.

Meanwhile, Airbus hinted of testing a flying car soon and couple of Silicon Valley-based start-ups have also been learned working on such development.

Airbus CEO Tom Enders said the technical variables at their end are in place or will be in place over the period of few years from now.

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