Published On: Fri, Mar 22nd, 2019

Former PM Rajiv Gandhi once said Manmohan Singh headed bunch of jokers: Modi

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked Congress party Friday through a blog alleging former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi once said Manmohan Singh is heading a bunch of jokers. Singh was then heading the government institutions.

Modi’s blog read, “In a telling comment, former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi called the Planning Commission led by Dr Manmohan Singh a bunch of jokers.”

The PM added Gandhi’s comment gives a glimpse of the party how it treats government institutions.

Modi said, “Remember the UPA years, when the Congress questioned the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) just because that institution exposed their corrupt shenanigans like 2G, Coal Scam etc.”

The prime minister’s blog touched other things too including his claims the Indian economy has been centre of attraction of world’s eyes in past five years.

He talked about Emergency that was declared on 25 June 1975 by Indira Gandhi saying Congress can go to any extent to safeguard interests of one dynasty.

Modi said, “The Emergency made the nation a prison overnight. Even to express was to commit sin.”

Former PM Rajiv Gandhi once said Manmohan Singh headed bunch of jokers- Modi

He accused Congress party for compromising judiciary over the decades.

The point in his blog read, “Congress’s contempt for the courts is anyway legendary. It was Indira Gandhi who called for a ‘committed judiciary’, which seeks to make the courts more loyal to a family than to the Constitution.”

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