Published On: Wed, Nov 12th, 2014

Forty Percent of Mobile Apps Does Not Handle Data Safely

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According to a new report by Indusface, about 40% of the mobile applications that you use are unsafe for handling data. The survey to find the state of mobile application security in India was conducted by Indusface across a set of enterprises. The end result was that more than 40% of the mobile app vulnerabilities that were detected are related to improper and unsafe handling of the data. Indusface is a company that offers security solutions for mobile and web applications.

The major sectors that conduct maximum business through mobile and web applications are e-commerce and BFSI. These companies are already taking the necessary precautions and proactive measures to safeguard the data transactions that take place through their stores. There are many other services that are going to be mobile enabled in the near future and this means that businesses need to be focusing on mobile app security at close quarters.

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The company said that it had conducted tests on about top 10 mobile app vulnerabilities that was listed by OWASP and have come out with a conclusion that 17% of the mobile apps suffered from accidental data leakage problems, 23% suffered from data storage insecurity and 10% was victim of very weak server side controls. A total of over 100 mobile applications was tested by the team from Indusface made by many Indian companies and as many as 21,000 mobile app vulnerabilities were detected. This clearly reveals that many of the enterprise mobile apps are susceptible to data leaks.

There is a majority of security breaches that have happened to Android apps. The hacking incidents in the past also have been reported on Android apps. But, Indusface is of the opinion that important mobile apps on Apple iOS systems are more vulnerable to security threats than Android apps. The high level vulnerabilities were almost the same for both the Android and the iOS operating systems. But, for the critical ones it was found that Apple iOS was more vulnerable by 67% when compared to Android apps just being 33%.

Ashish Tandon, CEO of Indusface, says that the increase in the use of the mobile phones, especially Smartphones is the reason for the increase in the vulnerability risks. Al the mobile apps that is used in the Smartphone today has access to all information in the user’s Smartphone and this makes it a bit risky. It is important for businesses to focus on mobile app security and to find out ways in which they will be able to protect the critical information of their business.

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