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Four Cheap Things To Do in Wellington City

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Maori explorer Kupe is reported to have discovered Wellington harbour around the 10th century, since which time people have been living in the area. Wellington is a compact, attractive city with harbour views, and is famous for its strong wind. It has a population of 179,463, and approximately 26,000 people commute to work in the city each day. The website states that, as well as being the political capital of New Zealand, Wellington is the culture capital, creative capital and events capital. Because of this, the city offers many activities and attractions.

The ‘Beehive’: New Zealand Parliament

Parliament and its associated bodies have been part of Wellington since 1865, when it was moved from Auckland. The Beehive, so named due to its shape, is a distinctive landmark in the city and, along with the other parliamentary buildings, can be found on Molesworth Street. Free, hour-long guided tours start from the visitor centre (ground floor of the Beehive), and depart on the hour. Arrive at least 15 minutes early to allow time to check in belongings before the tour. The visitor centre also has information about Parliament, a souvenir and gift shop, and videos to watch.

When the house is in session, visitors may watch. Talk to visitor centre staff for more information.

The Bucket Fountain, Cuba Street

This fountain is a much-loved part of Cuba Mall, in central Wellington. Children, and sometimes older people, too, can spend a long time watching the coloured buckets fill, and waiting fo the big splash. However, in order to remain dry, it is advisable to give this attraction a wide berth! The fountain was constructed in 1969, and initially described as a ‘Water Mobile’; a mock-up was necessary in order to work out the positions of the buckets, and it still requires regular maintenance. The Wellington City District Plan describes it as “[t]he much maligned/much enjoyed sugar-scoop bucket fountain,” stating that it has “pride of place in the Mall.”

Cuba Street is also home to many interesting, and some quirky, shops, and well-frequented by buskers.

Four Cheap Things To Do in Wellington City

Mount Victoria

Mount Victoria’s lookout gives a fantastic view of Wellington, including landmarks like the ‘cake tin’ stadium, Parliament and Victoria University buildings. However, due to its height (196m), the infamous Wellington wind is more noticeable. The lookout can be reached by taking the number 20 bus, or by driving or walking up Marjoribanks St (straight ahead at the Embassy end of Courtenay Place) and following the signposted ‘lookout’ route.

According to Maori legend, Mount Victoria is named Tangi-te-keo because this is the name of the soul of the taniwha (sea monster) Whataitai. When trying to escape from the harbour, then a lake, he got caught and became the suburb of Hataitai. His soul took the shape of a bird and flew to the top of the mountain to mourn.

Wellington Waterfront Activities

The harbour area is a pleasant place for a leisurely stroll, and has attractions for all age groups. There are many restaurants at the Queen’s Wharf end, and Ferg’s Kayaks hires out kayaks, bikes and inline skates, most of which cost $20 or less for an hour. Also, from 10am until sunset on weekends and school holidays, crocodile ‘quadricycles’ are available from the Enormous Crocodile Company , at the entrance to the Overseas Terminal on Oriental Parade ($50 refundable deposit, plus hiring fee. Small cycle: $14 half hour, $24 hour. Large cycle: $24 half hour, $40 hour). A skate park and playground can also be found near Waitangi Park. Lastly, Kaffee Eis (near Frank Kitts Park) has boutique coffee and a selection of delicious gelato and sorbetto flavours, including stracciatella (chocolate chip), pistachio, blueberry and lemon. Allow plenty of time to decide!

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