Published On: Wed, Jun 20th, 2018

Free bets and bookmaker offers

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Something that you always need to consider before getting involved in betting is who you’ll be backing your bets with. There’s a seemingly endless list of bookmakers to choose from, and plenty of incentives that highlight every option, but singling out the one that offers the most to your own betting needs takes some thought.

Free bets and bookmaker offers

As there’s such an extensive set of options when it comes to betting, it makes sense to do some research over every bookmaker to see exactly what they offer. For those who aren’t quite as interested in finding out about these bookmaker offers for themselves, sites like OddsChanger provide their own page packed full of the latest new and existing customer offers, free bets and bet credits.

More popular incentives for joining bookmakers include:

Rewarding Loyal Customers

Everyone wants to be able to take regular free bets, whether it’s frequent punters or those who only bet on the major competitions, so bookmakers always push to provide Free Bet Clubs for their customers. Some will offer the opportunity to take a £5 free bet if you spend £25 on the week’s action, and some even go as far as offering a £20 free bet for wagering more than £5, but they all make betting more enjoyable.

Not only is this good for those who want to bet but it’s also a worthwhile endeavour for the bookmakers, as it presents loyalty from those who choose to bet with them over all other bookies. Free bets are found with almost every bookmaker these days, so it’s worth shopping around for the best possible option before signing up to bet.

Accumulator Insurance

One of the most common methods of betting is by putting your selections into an accumulator. Made up of four or more different outcomes, accumulators are a way of backing a handful of results you’ve predicted and being rewarded with some potentially big returns if every result goes in your favour. A lot of bookmakers now offer a way of making your footy acca even more worthwhile, with insurance available for if one side lets your bet down.

You’ll have to be careful with who you bet with, as not every bookmaker offers this incentive, but there’s certainly some with a strong version of this concept. It will usually consist of four or more selections that, if one draws or loses, you will be able to claim back your stake from in cash or as a free bet. If you have more than just the one loser, your bet will be beyond saving, but it’s worth it for those frustrating times when you come so close.

Casino Bet Credits

Betting isn’t limited to any outcome or any sport. This is why the ability to bet through online casino games has become another version of an old classic. We don’t see quite as many one arm bandit or fruit machines these days but there’s a new way to get involved online. Bookmakers make this even easier through offering sign up offers that link their free bets to the casino, giving you a reason to have a go yourself.

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