Published On: Fri, Sep 16th, 2016

From projectors to 4K – how home theaters have evolved for 2016

Just a couple of decades ago having a movie theater style experience at home was the source of considerable excitement. Not many people had a home projection set up and for those that did movie nights were often an infrequent and special treat. The quality of the audio and video from these old systems may not have been great but there was still a definite buzz about a movie night at home.

Things have changed in the intervening years. Today the home theater experience is a lot closer to that of attending an actual movie theater. We are going to take a look at how you can create a home theater system and why some people are opting to include a whole entertainment experience.


Lights, action, music at the click of a button

We live in a digitally advanced age which means that now you are not just able to play a movie at home, you can control the surrounding environment as well. You can sit back and click a few buttons on a single remote, creating the perfect movie viewing surroundings. If you have a home automation system set up effectively you can introduce the lighting effect and temperature levels that you want. You can also adjust the levels of the surround sound so you get the very best audio experience. Of course, you can still cue and play the movies you want to watch as well. In some ways the experience can be preferable to a trip to the movie theater which can at times be over-crowded and expensive.

You do not risk having the frustration of someone talking all the way through the movie either. Strangely, all of this convenience could be reducing the excitement of watching a movie at home. We get used to having all of the benefits of connected and high quality home entertainment and we can be at risk of just accepting it as day to day. If you start to take your home theater system for granted just take a look back at those old projection systems and you will realize how lucky you actually are.

Embracing the whole entertainment experience

If you are thinking about speaking to the home theater installers, about the installation of a home theater system, you may want to think about the entire set up of your room. Many people are now opting for whole entertainment rooms which include items such as pool tables and dedicated gaming areas. It’s not just about a home theater it’s about having a room in your home where you can just chill out and be entertained.
There has certainly been some impressive evolution in home theater since the days of projectors, twenty years ago. Now you can sit and stream movies from Netflix and Hulu in an environment which mirrors a movie theater, without even thinking twice. That is actually very special and it’s important that we do not take the experience for granted.

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