Published On: Mon, Jan 12th, 2015

Gambling with a Mouse-Click

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Place your bets ladies and Gentleman’ the online casinos are now live. The advent of online betting has changed the way people now gamble, play slots and has given a whole new meaning to blackjack. Switch on your screen, connect to the internet with a suitable connection and bandwidth and you have the world of gambling at your fingertips or mouse-click rather.


Online Casinos are to gamblers what Elvis was to his listeners in the 60s, an enigma. It helps you earn, it helps you chat with people. The only thing you need to be sure of is of your betting logic. Don’t follow your greed, don’t follow your  sorrow of loss and in your attempt to fulfill it don’t end up losing more, ‘ leave the emotion at the door’ is the famous saying from Ocean’s Eleven and is apt for any kind of betting. Your emotions, though good enough to portray can lead you to a dire slump if they make you unhinged while gambling. You could end up with NOTHING in liquidity terms, so don’t end up being a cautionary tale, instead be a shining example of sensibility. We could discuss dos and don’ts of gambling and bore you the reader with the innuendos of it all; however this article does not aim to do that. We want you to experience all the raz-mitazz of online gambling.

There are a number of regulations that regulate the running of online casinos and that is what keeps them safe, any record that is not accessible for an online gambler results in the site being blocked till the error is rectified, this happened during Christmas in Spain as, Spanish gambling regulation requires players to access their blackjack and roulette game history straight from the room’s client. You should also ensure that any new online game that you see is completely under regulations and you should completely understand where you are putting your money in and how it will get back to you. Do check the licensing of the Online Casino and make sure you read the terms and conditions of the site so that you don’t end up having your money stuck once it is in.

It is also best advised to take risk of playing a new game when you have cash to spare, since understanding the nuances of the game can take some time. Playing foolhardy with money on a gambling site only favors once in a while and continuous losses will lead to frustration, not to mention the hole in your pocket. Please do ensure that you before putting in any more money, you have recovered your initial investment. Also do not play on any site that says they are about to get a license, it means your money is not safe as the online casino is not regulated to give you your money or winnings back and it could be months spent in litigations or waiting for them to get an actual regulator license.


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