Published On: Sun, Aug 31st, 2014

Gaza Suffers from Air Strike, Again!

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The people living on all parts of the globe have now become aware that Israel and Gaza are having very serious disputes. Their disputes have led both parties to a war, which seems to be an endless one. The two parties have been involved in a war lasting over seven weeks, at the very minimum. Yet, they are still not coming to a permanent peace agreement. Instead, both parties resort to some kinds of an interim agreement which sees them make peace with one another for a certain time interval. Well, even though this calamity will definitely not last forever, it is better than no peace at all. At least, there are still some opportunities for the people, who happen to be the victim of the war, to rebuild their life.


In the war between Gaza and Israel, Hamas seems to be one of the worst affected places. It has been battered very severely. Yet, it remains the property of Gaza. In addition to that, Gaza still has the honor of maintaining some of the military arsenals it has in Hamas intact. Nevertheless, it seems that Hamas and its citizens really suffer a lot. For all these years, the Hamas government has been requesting that both the governments of Egypt and Israel get rid of the blockade they have placed at the border. The blockade was first set back in 2007, which was seven years ago. However, both Egypt and Israel will only be maintaining, if not even strengthening, the blockade at the border.


It is a funny thing, though, how the Hamas government can declare to be victorious in the war against Israel when most, if not all, its citizens are suffering very badly and that Hamas is mostly torn apart, as anyone with internet or TV access can see. To be honest, the government of Hamas hardly has anything it can proudly show off. The war with Israel has caused at least 2,143 Palestinians killed. Add that to the number of people severely wounded during the war, 11,000 people. And, if that is not enough to put the shame on Hamas’ face, there are at least 100,000 of its citizens that have lost their homes due to the ongoing war.


Yet, as for Israel, the losses are much more minor compared to those suffered by Gaza. Only 6 Israelis were killed in the war. In addition to the 6 Israeli civilians, Israel has 64 of its soldiers down, permanently. Nonetheless, the bombing Israel has been launching on Gaza for the past seven weeks has really bulldozed it heavily and left it tumbling down with nearly zero chance of resurrecting. The latest bombing from Israel was an air strike, targeted to a building with seven floors. The building is now flat to the ground and no less than 44 more families living in Gaza have become homeless in a matter of seconds.


According to an eyewitness who also lives in the area, Maher Abu Sedo, the bombing came from the air – air strikes – and just within seconds, two of them came through, completely destroying the seven floor building mentioned earlier.


The eyewitness also reported that because of the consecutively air strikes, the damages in Gaza had become even worse than before. There were people in the streets screaming histerically and shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’. A massive number of children and women could even be seen screaming in the streets. According to the eyewitness in question, the government of Israel has really gone insane and has completely lost its conscious heart. Imagine how a total of forty four families lost their homes in just seconds while it would take those families months, and probably even years in some cases, to build or rebuild their homes. Because of the war, the people of Gaza have lost much more than just their living place, they have also lost their security, their money and most importantly, their memories.

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