Published On: Tue, Sep 8th, 2015

Germany Can Absorb 500K Migrants: Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel

German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel has said the country can absorb 500,000 migrants and refugees annually for next few years.

According to official statement, this year Germany is expecting more than 800,000 such asylum-seekers to be entering the country, which is four times than what was in 2014.

Germany Can Absorb 500K Migrants - Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel

Gabriel also mentioned other European countries should also absorb the migrants and refugees to the minimum extent of their fair share.

Meanwhile, the US refugee agency has confirmed about 7,000 refugees from Syria have entered Macedonia and about 30,000 more have been stranded on the island of Lesbos in Greece.

Greek government with the help of US refugee agency have brought additional ships and staff to get the migrants out of the island and pave way to Athens.

The huge flow of migrants has unsettled European governments and Hungary has started building a border fence to keep them away from entering the country.

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