Published On: Sat, Mar 7th, 2015

Get Traffic From Twitter

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Not really much in the past, the condition that bloggers mostly used to be dependent on Organic Search results only for their traffic. But within just a matter of years after the inception of SOCIAL MEDIA, it seems everything has just changed the way it hasn’t ever. Among hundreds of Social Media sites, the one & best which not just co-exist, in fact, it overrules others in terms of popularity & user engagement, is none other than Twitter. Like other social media platforms,  Twitter allows users to share their views & opinions to the open world in just 140 characters. But on the very other hand, unlike others, Twitter is more impactful & convincing. It empowers the platform usefulness by leveraging some of the best engagement methods like HashTags, Mentions & many more.

Twitter’s 284 Million active users makes it a perfect cake for bloggers to attract huge & engaging traffic. Some bloggers get the majority of their traffic from Twitter, thanks to the viral nature of ReTweets. Even then there are plenty of bloggers & users who face a hard ball of traffic failure, even after their countless efforts. To such, I would genuinely give an intelligent advice. It’s  just not the Hard Way to achieve success, rather it’s more important in today’s scenario to go for a Smart Way along with to reach your goal. Today, here I am opening the secret gates to successful traffic from twitter. Although it’s not a secret! It’s just about the way & approach to it.

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  • Targeted Followers

Noticed why I used Targeted followers? If not, then you should notice. Plenty of Followers just not matters at all unless they are “Masses with similar interests”. Users with other niche follows you will have no use, they are never  ever going to benefit you. But the ones who really are interested & look for similar niche or share same interest than those are your most valuable assets and they are said to be Targeted Followers!!! You just cannot always tweet as per in taste to your Huge Un-Targeted followers.  So it’s in fact better to follow people on Twitter who would find your Tweets useful. Okay, sounds cool? But here a question hit your innocent mind, How do I get more engaging followers? It’s quite obvious & Okay! I’ll answer that too. Well, no worries, it’s no rocket science. Follow More People: Decide a person’s account whose interests are equal to yours and turn to their fan list. Rest it all depends on how effectively you handle mass & how effective things you serve them as they; and onto your account , the more you are brilliant into it , the more genuine followers you gain . This way you interconnect to only specific useful network of followers & following. magnet twitter

  • Make an irresistible content

The content & matter are all which holds a visitor’s brain’s  attention. As I simply explained above, it’s just about how brilliantly you serve your visitors. Some of the tactics for doing so is: o   Use Attention grabbing titles. o   Use Relevant Hash Tags. If necessary go for an alluring image tweet, rather than simple text

  • Smart Use of Twitter Buttons for your Blog

It’s pretty simple really. The easier you make for your esteemed visitors to share your content, the more  chances  it is that they’ll do it. So this simply also makes essential that your content is rather highly impactful and compelling. It’s always wise to have a tweet button in a place where it’s easily accessible to your readers – or else, you will be seriously digging your own pit

  • Using the most relevant & engaging Hash Tags

Hashtags are simply like keywords which one uses for searching. Thus, in order to make your tweet more viable & visible, its quiet necessary, you opt the most relevant hashtags for your tweet.

  • Buy Twitter Followers

It is quite unusual to hear that you can even buy twitter active followers, but if you actually see the other side that how much it could be beneficial like it increase your reputation, your trust, your brand and with all these you will become popular. Similarly  Lindsay Dorethy buy twitter followers and guess what happened, she got a call from New York Time Magazine and offered him the position of the head of photography. So as you can be more popular and drive traffic with more followers.

  • Keep your user base Engaged

So till now you have got plenty of desired user base. But nothing is for permanent if you don’t treat & serve it as well. Alike Stale things are never recommended, so is stale content platform too. You just need to keep your users, followers engaged. Engaging simply never means that you spill out link tweets one over another! You must handle them smartly to them engaged. You need to take the time to interact with your followers.  Try asking a question that gets people to click. It’s potentially proven method to keep your users / followers stuck.  Keep your followers interactive by using @replies to them, it really makes them feel interactive & builds a positive environment,   Above were some of the ways & methods we conceived. There might be many more which I have missed. So if you have any new idea through which people can drive traffic from twitter then let bestow it in comments with love.

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- Gaurav Sharma is the founder of Redesign Case & Antipull, he is also a Tech writer and a Digital Marketing Consultant at Nine Hertz. He has expertise in SEO, SMO, ASO, PPC and Writing. He is an enthusiast and love to explore new stuffs. You can check him out on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin or mail him personally.

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