Published On: Wed, Sep 24th, 2014

Giant Squid Retrieved from the Water of Matagorda Coast, Texas

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Before this, a couple who was on their fishing date happened to capture a living giant shrimp from the water of Florida, US. Well, it seems that the country actually has a lot more interesting discoveries for people to make. This time, a couple of young men are lucky enough to have taken a giant squid into their custody. The giant squid was discovered in the water of the coast of Matagorda, a rather small town that people can find if they pay a visit to the gulf coast of Texas, US. Based on the information released by the ABC 13 Eyewitness News channel, the giant squid was first discovered by a young man named Michael Belvin, who is only 22 years old, along with his friend. This pair of young men happens to be quite experienced fishermen, it turns out. Last Sunday, as they were heading home from their fishing trip, they happened to notice that there was something in the water.

According to Belvin, the object of interest, which caught the eyes of his and his friend’s, looked at first like a trash bag, colored in white, partially floating on the water. The two young men then decided to pull over their boat and retrieve the white looking object from the water. To the shock of their life, they eventually found out that it was no trash bag they saw partially floating on the water, it turned out to be a giant squid instead.

Matagorda Coast

In order to get the very rare sea creature out of the water, these two young men took about three minutes in total. After all, it is a giant creature. It measures ten feet long and weighs in at no less than two hundred pounds. The men then decided to take the giant squid onto the deck of their boat. Unfortunately, however, when Michael Belvin and his friend came to an encounter with the giant sea creature, it was already dead. Belvin and his friend discovered the giant squid at approximately a hundred miles away from the coast of Matagorda, Texas, US.

The discovery made by the two young men is a very rare one. As pointed out by Mike Concannon, a supervisor for the Houston Zoo Aquarium, a giant squid off the coast in the area is not something that people are quite likely to see every day. To tell the truth, even the marine biologists in existence out there do not commonly have a deep knowledge when it comes to a giant squid. The reason is because giant squids live very deep down under the water and that they do not normally climb to the water surface. Nevertheless, when a giant squid does attempt to reach the water surface, it must mean that something has gone wrong. Concannon believes that the giant squid found by the two young men was actually kind of sick, which was why it was trying to get to the surface in the first place and perhaps, the creature got attacked in its journey to the top.

Belvin also claims that the squid looks as if it had been bitten by a mako shark. The conclusion comes after paying detailed attention to the jagged teeth discovered on the back of the giant squid. In addition to that, Belvin also unveils that the squid has lost half of its body. Belvin also mentions that the squid feels soft yet considerably thicker when compared to any other kinds of squids that live out there. And, in spite of the full chest of fish Belvin and his friend had managed to catch that day, the giant squid was, after all, their true trophy. As Belvin puts it, it’s huge, insane and also cool.

In general, giant squids are known to possess two feeding tentacles in addition to eight arms altogether. These squids are often capable of reaching a length of forty three feet in total. Also, among all the animals in the entire animal kingdom, giant squids have the largest set of eyes.

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