Published On: Sun, Jan 26th, 2014

GLUT3 and Oncogenesis

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Glucose metabolism in the presence of oxygen or Aerobic Glycolysis was believed to the reason of cancer but it is in itself a cancerous event.A dramatic increase in sugar intake can increase the chances of Oncogenesis. As demonstrated by scientists of the University of California,Berkeley and Hokkaido University,Japan increase intake of sugar can provide a pathways for Oncogenesis.They examined and confirmed traces and expressions of glucose transporter protein in female breast cells.

The transporter known as GLUT3 were found to be 400%  greater in malignant than non malignant breast cells.In 1924 the biochemist and future nobelist Laureate Otto Heinrich Warburg found that increased aerobic Glycolysis leads at the cost of respiration and higher ATP.Researchers even found that why hyperglycemia in diseases such as obesity and diabetes can risk the causes and pathways for breast and other forms on cancer.

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