Published On: Fri, Jan 31st, 2020

Goal Setting Strategies for Success

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A popular quote and best-known goal setting guideline used by presenters and career counsellors is the SMART jargon which means specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. It’s very easy to remember.

There are helpful strategies that need to be worked around as a bundle for goal setting to succeed. Although the focus is for small business owners, it might as well be for anyone who wants to save time and be organized.

Goals must Be Set with Commitment

Goals are set for a purpose not just because it has to conform to requirements. Particularly for small business owners or those who work from home, many things are at stake to start a business and therefore it is important in terms of money and time that goal setting is done with commitment and serious thinking.

Goals Must Be Believable

There’s no point in setting a goal which leaves a lingering feeling of doubt from the goal setter. A goal must be believable in every sense, foremost, for whom or what the goal is constructed for. Strictly speaking, it doesn’t matter as much as who believes in them if the goal setter has any room for doubt. The point is, to achieve a goal, a goal setter must fully believe that he or she can achieve it.

Goals must be Clearly Defined

Goal setters who are unsure what his or her goals are don’t really have goals. Perhaps, their “goal” is merely an idea. However, an idea can be a starting point for setting a goal. To make that goal happen, specifics must be decided on. For example: new laptop make, model, capabilities, special features, software, manufacturer, service, target date to buy, and so on. How much money will it take? How will money be earned? The point being driven here is specificity. All these should be clearly defined.

Goals must be Clearly Imagined

From a small business standpoint, goals must not only be clearly defined, they must also be clearly imagined. There are instances when some drawbacks and disappointments happen as imagined. By exploring them, certain issues can come to light. Perhaps it’s giving a sign that some things need to be revised. They are necessary to attain certain goals into fruition. It comes from accepting the challenge of change to attain a specific goal.

Goals must be in Writing

By writing the goals being set, documentation management comes to play. Why? Goal setting when written provides awareness for making a day contribute the most. It sets a tone, a yardstick where to go next in the plan. Writing as a tool pans out clearly other matters or issues needing looking into. Overall, goals that are written become great aids in saving time and being organized.

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