Published On: Sun, Feb 1st, 2015

Google Agrees To Make Changes In Its Privacy Policy After Pressure From The Regulator

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After an investigation made by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office, Google was asked to make changes in its privacy policy.

As per the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the present privacy policy of Google was too vague and it does not properly describe how the personal data is gathered from its web services and products and how the collected data is used.

The regulator has asked Google to rewrite the private policy in a way so that it will be easier for the Google users to understand how the personal data is collected and what it is used for. Google will have to submit the new privacy policy for a two- year review.

Google Agrees To Make Changes In Its Privacy Policy After Pressure From The Regulator

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office is making similar investigation on other firms in Europe.

The investigation of the privacy policy of Google was started by the regulator and its counterparts in the continents after Google updated their policy in 2012 march. This policy update combined 70 documents that already existed.

The European Article 29 Data Protection Working Party has also joined the other data regulators in the investigation of Google privacy policies.

After the investigation Google said that they will ensure that the privacy policy will be more accessible and will redesign the account settings elements, so that the users will be able to find the various controls easily.

Google said that the changes will provide clear-cut and complete information regarding data processing, which will include an exhaustive list of the types of data processed by Google and the reason for processing the particular data.

Google will have to clarify who will be collecting the “anonymous identifiers” and the purpose of collecting such data.

Google will have to ensure that the passive users, who use Google without signing in should be given more information about the processing of their data.

The regulator has given time till 30th June 2015 for Google to make changes in the policy and according to reports Google will bring out a common policy for all the countries in the European Union to satisfy the regulators who had conducted the investigations

The appeals made by Google against the investigations conducted by the Spanish and French watchdogs have been dropped.

The head of enforcement of ICO’s, Steve Eckersley, said that the undertaking made by Google to change the policies is a major step forward after a long term investigation and extensive dialogue.

A Google spokesperson made the statement that they have agreed to make improvements in our privacy policy and will work with the commissioner and his team constructively, in future.

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