Published On: Thu, Feb 12th, 2015

Google and Microsoft Together Offers Free Cloud Storage of 102GB

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Now, all the piled up files and videos are going to get more online storage space. Google and Microsoft have offered combined cloud storage of 102 GB free for its users. 100GB storage will be given by Microsoft and 2GB by Google.

The importance of cloud storage has increased in the past few years and online storage space has become an expensive option. It is expected that in the future more data, videos, photos and documents will be stored in the Cloud and there will be growing need for storage space.

Though some of the companies are already offering 20 GB of free storage space, the users consume it faster by storing music and megapixel pictures from Smartphones.

Google and Microsoft Together Offers Free Cloud Storage of 102GB

Currently, the additional storage space is of 100GB is available for $1.99 per month from Google Drive and for $19.99 per month for 1TB from Apple’s iCloud.

Additional storage space is offered as perks by many companies for inviting others to join their particular service or for downloading the apps from their site. However, it is difficult to find any huge amount of free storage offers.

Microsoft is going to change the trend with its new offer of 100GB free storage space for two years for the users who sign up for the Bing rewards program of the company.  Bing reward is offered to the users of Bing search engine from the company. Microsoft will give points for searches made using Bing search and these points can be later redeemed as gift cards, Xbox live memberships or as contest entries.

The new offer will be open to the existing as well as new members of Bing rewards. To avail the offer, all you got to do is to agree to receive the Bing rewards newsletter. The users are free to unsubscribe the emails from Microsoft any time. The new offer will provide you with $50 worth of storage space for two years.

There is not much extra storage available from Google, but they are trying to avoid malicious hacks. The 2GB storage from Google will help you to have free Google Drive storage for checking your account settings regularly to prevent the security threats to the user account.

Checking the account settings will be a simple process involving three steps. First, you will have to review the phone number, email address for recovery of account and the security question to secure the information in the event of any suspicious activity detected by Google from your account or if you are denied access to your account.

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