Published On: Sat, Oct 17th, 2015

Google Removes Voice Assistant “OK Google” From Chrome For Desktop

Chrome browser cannot obey your verbal command now. Google has removed the ability and so the now-iconic “OK Google” will not work on your desktop running on the operating system of Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.

However, the feature still exists on Android devices and Chromebooks.

Google Removes Voice Assistant OK Google From Chrome For Desktop

If believed to users of Windows PC, they have rarely used the “OK Google” feature on their desktop, but on Windows 10 they have occasionally used the “Hey Cortana” voice trigger, which is created by Microsoft.

In fact the voice command convept sounds more useful on a mobile device similar to the Apple’s voice assistant Siri.

Google has explained the removing. It said the voice command was not much used on desktop. More to this, the effort required in maintaining and updating the service will have no meaning ..

It is not to forget, the unused features do pose a security threat.

Even now speaking to a computer is a foreign concept for many.

The little microphone icon on the search bar of Google has not been removed. You can still google anything.

Do you use Chrome? Do you use the voice assistant feature? Share your views with us and fellow readers in the below given comment box.

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