Published On: Sat, Oct 10th, 2015

Google Rewards Guy Who Managed Buying Accidently

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Would you buy if you find the domain available? First of all you may think I am talking rubbish as this would never happen, at least not for couple of decades from now.

Well, this did happen to Sanmay Ved. On September 29 he was searching for Google Domains on Google’s website-buying service. He found was available for a purchase price of just $12.

Google Rewards Guy Who Managed Buying Accidently

Ah! Surprised?

He booked the domain for $12 and got access to the webmaster tools, but immediately after a minute Google caught on and cancelled the transaction.

The Mountain View company acknowledged the mistake and rewarded Ved. The reward money is yet unknown. So far it seems everything is good. Isn’t it? Well, there’s more to this.

Google learned Ved will be donating the reward money for charity, to an Indian foundation named The Art Of Living India. It focuses on bringing education to the poor areas in the country.

The search giant now decides to double the reward money as it will go for some good cause.

Talking to Business Insider Ved said the amount was worth of $10,000. However, he didn’t disclosed the exact figure.

Google usually rewards white hat hackers who find bugs in its products and the money ranges from $100 to $20,000.

That’s all. This is the good ending in which everyone is happy. Google didn’t lose its namesake domain, even though everyone knows it will never happen. Ved got its fame for one-minute access to And of course India got thousands of dollars to further education.

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