Published On: Sun, Mar 27th, 2016

Google Steps Up Gmail Security

Google is stepping up security features on its most popular Gmail service equipping it with more noticeable warning even if the government tries stealing password of any account.

The search giant announced on its blog saying users will get warnings for dangerous links along with proposal to use a more secure email-sending standard.

Google said it is expanding its Safe Browsing to alert users of its Gmail platform about any suspicious government activity.

Google Steps Up Gmail Security

Earlier Google use to display a banner on top of Gmail pages of users revealing about state-sponsored attackers, but now it will give a full-page warning that will be hard to miss.

According to the tech giant, less than 0.1 percent of Gmail users get the warning and they are possibly activists, journalists or progressive policy-makers.

Google introduced Safe Browsing some five years ago and started putting banners on the top of Gmail page in 2012. Now the feature is more in advanced stage and to give people a full-page warning.

Meanwhile, it is also learned Gmail has teamed up with Yahoo, Microsoft, Comcast and other partners proposing a new email-sending standard to ensure delivery through encrypted channels and reduce likelihood to access those by attackers.

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