Published On: Mon, Aug 15th, 2016

Google To Discontinue Hangouts On Air, Promotes YouTube Live

Google will be discontinuing its Hangouts on Air live-streaming service that was once popular and was used even by bigwigs like Pope Francis and US President Barack Obama. Details of its end on the iDevice next month are found in a new post over the YouTube support page as henceforth users need to use YouTube Live to handle all their live-streaming needs.

The YouTube support page writes the service for Air users will stop on September 12 and it defines how to start, schedule, and control live streams after the switchover. Some of the features have been left behind including the native Q&A one that is to be substituted with social media or the Q&A feature of Google Slides to field questions. Apart from it, the features like “Applause” and “Showcase” too will be left out.

Google To Discontinue Hangouts On Air, Promotes YouTube Live

Google created Hangouts on Air in 2012 when live-streaming were not easy as of today’s technologies. It was promoted heavily using big names like Obama and Pope Francis perform live broadcasts.

In 2013 Google launched YouTube Live and continued both the services together, but leveraging YouTube’s infrastructure too with an aim to increase the device compatibility of Hangouts on Air.

Google found YouTube was a more natural fit for live-streaming service.

However, it is now understood the search giant is treating Hangouts on Air as Google+, which mean take what works and thereafter find new home for the selected features. Later, after finding new home just sweep the hollowed-out shell under the rug. Isn’t it? Share your views too.

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