Published On: Wed, Mar 19th, 2014


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Google on Tuesday announced Android Wear, “a project that extends Android to wearable” like smart watches. The announcement is aimed at attracting developers, who can create apps for the new family of Android devices, before smart watches and similar devices powered by Android Wear start appearing in the market.

The Android Wear also uses Google’s voice recognition technology, which can be found in Android phones. This technology can be used to ask questions such as “what is the score of Barcelno vs Bayern Munich” after speaking the words “OK Google” and get a direct answer. The same technology can also be used to type text messages through voice commands or search for information. Much of what an Android Wear device will do is already possible on an Android phone, especially on a Nexus phone. However, Google says that for Android Wear it has tweaked the user interface of Google Now.

Faaborg demonstrated how the Android Wear user interface works by swiping on the touchscreen of a prototype smart watch. By swiping left, right, up and down, he moved through various Google Now cards that showed him the information that was contextual and relevant to him at that particular moment of time.

So far Google has not yet revealed any information on specific date when a smart watch powered by Android Wear will be available. But Evleaks, a Twitter account run by a technology blogger who has an impressive record of leaking accurate information about future smartphones and related products, has claimed that LG was making a smart watch for Google that will be launched at Google I/O event expected in June this year.

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