Published On: Thu, Feb 4th, 2016

Google To Test Self-Driving Cars In Kirkland, Washington

Google’s self-driving car project is now on expansion mode. It has reached to Kirkland of Washington to test in a wetter environment.

The search engine giant said Washington has been chosen for having a temperate climate with seasonal rain. The hills will help in testing the sensors at different angles and elevations.

Google To Test Self-Driving Cars In Kirkland, Washington

Google is planning to launch the driverless cars by 2020 so ahead of it the testing need to be done in different weather conditions, different terrain and also in different traffic conditions.

The sensors of self-driving cars may face reduce visibility in heavy rain, snow and mud. Google’s car has a diverse selection of sensors and hence believed to be ready for all type of weather. However, the company need to test compatibility before making it available for public.

Kirkland is 11 miles northeast of Seattle on Lake Washington. It gets about 38.6 inches of precipitation annually.

Comparatively the Mountain View area in California is drier and gets just 14.7 inches of rainfall each year. Google is headquartered here.

Google also has an office in Kirkland.

Google started testing its driverless cars in 2009.

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