Published On: Sat, Sep 10th, 2016

Google’s Chrome 56 Browser To Crack On Unencrypted Websites

The latest version of Google browser, the Chrome 56, will start cracking down on websites that are not using encryption.

Scheduled to be launched in January 2017, the Chrome 56 is said to be equipped with a new warning that would be visible to any login sites that are not encrypted.

Users would see the pages marked as “not secure” to help moving out of the site that are not utilizing HTTPS.


Google adds in future such pages would also be denoted with a special red triangle symbol to warn users with high impact to avoid such websites.

It is said the HTTPS is important on any website as loading a site with HTTP opens up to potential attacks and someone on the network can modify the site before it is loaded fully.

Google Chrome is lately putting efforts in improving the security of the browser and such moves helps in keeping users safe along with one’s information.

Next time whenever you see a site with HTTP it is suggested to avoid it to reduce any kind of online risk by loading the pates.

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