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Great Overlooked Sites in Beijing, China

Traveling to the busiest city in China? Hopefully you already have the Great Wall and Tiananmen Square on you list of must see sites. While these are definitely worth your time seeing, if time permits, here are four others that you might want to consider.

Beijing Zoo

Zoos are not for everyone. Cramped quarters for cuddly looking critters frequently turn tourists away. One will still encounter such facilities at the Beijing Zoo, but the grounds and exhibits provide a brief escape amongst the Chinese urban chaos. The zoo houses Asian wildlife including cranes, lemurs, and of course the coveted Giant Panda Bear.

As one strolls from one exhibit to the next the zoo has spraling gardens, tranquil water features and ponds (though algae green). If there is a bird watcher in the group, it is a great opportunity to see a Mandarin Duck or any Chinese bird. It is an eerey fact that one will not see any animals (birds, rodents, etc.) in Beijing for everything works its way into the food chain. The admission is 10Y but there is an extra fee for the Panda exhibit.

Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens are a good 30 minute cab ride from the city center and are also accessible via the subway. These gardens are a gorgeous outing displaying manicured horticulture breeds including a stunning rose garden and sculpted topiaries. The campus has lily ponds, other water gardens, and a large conservatory. One might witness a wedding as Western style marriage ceremonies are becoming acceptable and very popular and the gardens being a coveted location for nuptials.

Touring the environs, be sure to head towards the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. Admission to the temple is an extra fee (5Y) and displays a 50 plus ton sculpture of the buddha. Supposedly many slaves were required for its completion -being the way things worked 1500 years ago. The gardens are maintained and have blooms Spring all through Fall. The National holiday (usually in early October) a abundance of chrysanthemums are potted and add more color to the already floral grounds.

Hutong Tour

With China’s entrance in the world market and eyes on Beijing when China hosted the 2008 Olympics, it is becoming harder to find and see the old housing areas of the people. Hutong means narrow alley and basically are the living quarters of the residents before communist buildings and later, sky scrapers took over. Considered eye sores and a unpleasant reminder of China’s poor, the hutongs are slowly being torn down or purely blocked from views by highway wall facades. One can take a bike tour (rickshaw) and see get a true cultural education on living the feng shui and Chinese life.

Great Overlooked Sites in Beijing, China

The tour will weave through different ally’s pointing out drastically different homes and lifestyles. A tourist can see the home fronts of the weathly versus the lower class and learn how something as simple as the color of one’s door distinguishes his status in the community. Some tours even provide invitations into one’s house for tea and a treat to see their small home and gardens. It is also a good way to get a ride on a bicycle rickshaw for this is the common mode of of transportation for Hutong tours.

The Silk Factory

During one’s time in China, you are certain to witness over the top tourist shops when visiting sites. Normally these should be avoided for lack of authenticity but more importantly, they are annoying. However, to get souvenir shopping out in one swoop and find some things of higher quality, the silk factory is ideal. Even if one manages to leave empty handed which is a challenge with the relentless sales staff, it is worth a visit to see the silk worm to silk comforter process. Small balls of worm spun silk are stretched by a team of women who pull and pull to make a table size stretch of silky web. They continue the process making layers for the luxurious and warm bedding. The factory is really more a giant store that sells silk products, but also Chinese crafts and trinkets seen every site you visit. The variety of beautiful silk products including bedding, scarves, and traditional clothing is hard to find otherwise under one roof.

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