Published On: Sun, Feb 8th, 2015

Gtalk to Be Stopped By Google from 16th February

If you are a fan of the popular Google Talk and love to use it on your mobile phone or on your Windows PC, then it is time that you part ways with this messaging service. Google has decided to shut down its Google Talk service from February 16th. This means that Gtalk will not be available for its users from February 16th.

Google is forcing all its Gtalk users to shift to Google Hangouts to carry on with their chat and messaging activities. This does not come as a very big surprise to many as already Google has made Gtalk unavailable for download for its new users for a few months now. Hangouts had replaced Google Talk last year and it was only a matter of time that Google shifted from Gtalk to Google Hangouts.

Gtalk to Be Stopped By Google from 16th February

There was a lot of confusion among people last year as when they were trying to download Gtalk on their PC or mobile, they were directed to the download page of Google Hangouts. But, now Google has made it clear that Gtalk will no longer be functioning from Feb 16th.

More and more people are comfortable and accustomed to using the Google Talk interface to communicate with friends, family and business partners. Also, people having slower internet connections find that Gtalk loads faster than the Google Hangout. With Hangout, you will be able to do everything like making phone calls, sending SMS, instant messaging with friends and video conferencing all from one place.

Hangout has been there for about a year now, but it has not been able to win the hearts of people like the WhatsApp messaging service. With WhatsApp now offering free calling service to the Indian users, Google Hangouts will have a real tough time to win the hearts of the people in India. Google believes that its hangout service is its future and this is the reason why it is doing away with Gtalk service.

Google is also looking to combine the desktop version of Hangouts with Google Chrome web browser in an attempt to force more and more people to use Google Chrome as their favorite web browser. Google has not been able to lure its countless Google service users with Hangouts service, like its popular emailing service Gmail or its Google search engine.

Google is now looking to set the records straight and try and induce most of its Gtalk users to try out Hangout service and to feel the difference.

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