Published On: Wed, Feb 14th, 2018

Help for Oily Hair

Have you ever wondered what causes oily hair? It is a common issue that plagues many women and the source is made up of a few daily factors that can be controlled. Switching to an oil-battling shampoo is one of the simplest, along with managing stress, watching out for yo-yo diets, and techniques in brushing can all be factors in the hair’s oil production.

Help for Oily Hair

When the scalp over produces oil, it is the hair’s natural instinct to absorb that oil and distribute all over the strand. Unfortunately, sometimes the dipstick to check oil levels is broken and the hair becomes drenched. Try a few of the suggestions below to help return hair to its normal, bouncy, gorgeous self.

Switching shampoos

It may have been love at first sight with the shampoo bottle sitting on the tub’s edge, but it may be the culprit for the over production of oil in your hair. Try a balancing shampoo such as Aveda’s Scalp Benefits Balancing Shampoo (, $13.00) with the main ingredient burdock. According to burdock “helps remove excess sebum and buildup from hair.”


Constantly being on the run can take a toll on hair. By missing meals, bodies are denied the important vitamins that can help hair retain its natural beauty and body. Vitamins such as Vitamin B and Vitamin C are a two of the most important. Vitamin B is for hair growth and Vitamin C is used to keep the oil levels consistent. A lack of Vitamin C will cause the hair to become over-dry, which is a common cause of over-oily hair. Both of these can be found in your normal multivitamin.


Stress seems to be at the root of almost every health problem, so it makes sense that it plays a role in the oil production of hair. As stress levels rise in the body, androgen hormones are put in overdrive. The more androgen hormones produced, the more hair is grown, and more oil is produced. Try simple meditation poses for a few minutes each day without even stopping with tips from Fitness Magazine.


Try not to over brush hair. The brushing stimulates the roots and causes them produce oil. Brush a dry shampoo through the hair to help absorb the oil, and use a brush with natural fibers instead of metal or plastic teeth.

Oily hair is not fun to deal with. But with a few changes to a daily routine, the shiny, voluptuous locks that appear after a morning shower will stay just as shiny and just as voluptuous all day long.

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