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Here Are 6 Smartest Things You Can Do for Your Finances

One of the most significant characteristics that we humans have is ‘Planning’. And when it comes to our finances, planning needs to be concrete as there are enough variables to affect the same. Hence, building good financial habits is essential to ensure you have the money you need, whenever you need it. So, here are six smartest things you can do for your finances – with regular practice these will become the habits that lead you to a sound financial future.

  • Instead of Throwing Caution to The Wind, Budget Wisely

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It may be tempting to splurge on a shopping spree every time you get your paycheck. But if you spend more than you earn, it’s a sign that your finances are headed for trouble. The best way to ensure that you spend less is to chart out a clear budget and stick to it. Aim to keep your expenditure in check and prevent yourself from going “bankrupt”, especially when the end of the month comes. To make things easier, make use of budgeting apps to monitor your monthly or annual spending.

  • Break Free from The Shackles of Debt

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One of the essential things (read greatest) you can do for your finances is to pay off all your debt. To start with, focus on loans that charge you the highest interest – like credit cards. Once you have paid these, start paying off your mortgage. Moreover, repaying your debts in full will allow you to think of your future more, instead of always worrying about that debt that you still have.

  • Save, Don’t Spend the Unexpected Cash

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Learn to save whatever amount you can. Put any surprise cash to work, even if it’s just that 100 rupees note you found in your pocket. Why? Because it could be applied to your debt, emergency fund, or even an investment account. Further, identify non essentials that you can spend less on, such as dining out or entertainment and find ways to save on your monthly expenses.

  • Start Investing Towards Your Future

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If you are looking for wealth creation, start investing your hard-earned money in the right products to accumulate the desired corpus. If your goal is to buy a house or provide quality education to your children, then ULIPs can act as an excellent goal-based investing option. To begin with, ULIPs serve the purpose of providing savings at market-linked returns combined with life insurance. Thus, you get the dual benefit of insurance and investment in a single product. Further, you can switch between ULIP variants like equity, debt and balanced funds and capitalise on investment opportunities. Some insurers like Future Generali allow more than 10 ‘free’ switches (12 to be precise) each year. This is a vital feature that allows you to benefit from the whims of stock or debt markets.

  • Get the Insurance You Need

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It may sound tempting to save a bit of money every year by forgoing insurance, but this habit can hit you back, with a big blow! Buying the right insurance policies, be it term insurance or critical illness insurance, is crucial for a healthy financial life. After all, meeting an accident or being diagnosed with a critical illness could be detrimental to your finances. Life insurance policies are based on individual needs and to get the best coverage for your situation, educate yourself by getting multiple quotes. Most importantly, read your policy carefully before signing, and ask questions when you don’t understand.

  • Automate Your Finances

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Automating your finances is again a smart money move. It allows your money to automatically go to investment accounts, savings accounts, and to your creditors. This way you can effortlessly achieve financial security as you no longer are consumed with the thought of paying your dues when you are meant to be working or spending time with your loved ones.

The Bottom Line: These money-related habits can set the stage for a lifetime of financial success. Adopting these habits may seem intimidating at first but taking small steps and becoming comfortable with all aspects of finance can go a long way.

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