Published On: Mon, Aug 25th, 2014

Here Comes the Real-Life Disney Princess!

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Walt Disney has successfully managed to become a very famous name in the film industry. The name is recognized by nearly every single person in the world. The company has also produced an enormous number of movies and animations. Some examples of the movies produced by Disney that are worth mentioning include ‘Tangled’ and ‘Frozen’. Whereas Tangled tells a story that revolves around a princess with an extremely long hair, Frozen is a story about a princess who was born gifted with the ability to create ice whenever she feels like doing so. Just for information, Frozen manages to become a big hit in the film industry. The one thing that most, if not all, Disney movies have is that they normally tell a story about a certain princess. However, all these Disney princesses are fictive, they do not exist in the real life. Wait, it seems that there is in fact a real-life Disney princess. At least, that is what this particular woman from England thinks. Known as Emma Kirby, this woman has been playing the role of the Disney princesses – from Rapunzel to Elsa, for years in her life.


Based on the report acquired from the Daily Mail, Emma Kirby, 24, claims that she is a lady with such a huge passion for the princesses made up by the company known as Disney. Her huge passion is the very reason she never feels tired or gets bored trying to make everyone out there believe that she is in fact the Disney princesses themselves. Sometimes, she will play the role of Rapunzel from Tangled while at other times, she may try to convince people that she is Elsa from Frozen. Well, there are a lot more characters that she can impersonate besides the two aforementioned ones, of course.


Up to this point of time, it will be completely understandable if some people start to wonder how uncomfortable it can be to put on Disney princess costumes each day. Also, some may wonder how much money Emma Kirby has spent to look like the Disney princesses. Well, regarding the comfort, this young lady feels very comfortable. She is, after all, a woman full of dreams, it seems. Now, regarding the price Emma Kirby has to pay to become the real-life Disney princesses, or so she thinks, well, the price is pretty expensive. The costumes for the Disney princess characters do not come cheap. In fact, they have cost Emma as much money as GBP 1,500. Yet again, it does not seem to be a problem at all for this English lady in particular.


As it turns out, Kirby actually started to like the princesses from Disney at the moment she was a little girl. When she was three years old only, her family took her to the Disney World, Florida. At the attraction center, Emma Kirby felt as if all those fictions about Disney and its princesses were real and that they were so magical. As a matter of fact, a big question even came to her mind. She could not stop thinking why people are so willing to live in the real world, where there are miseries everywhere.


At first, people may think that what Emma Kirby does here is simply a waste of time which will not result in anything like cash. For all these years, Emma Kirby has been receiving a massive amount of contracts. These contracts require her to sing and entertain kids in various spots that have children as their main audience. Amazingly and surprisingly enough, Emma Kirby feels happy about what she currently does.


To add to her happiness, Emma Kirby has a boyfriend, Jazz, who is pretty supportive to the things this fine lady has been doing so far. However, unlike his lover, Jazz is not going to dress up like any Disney prince of sorts.

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