Published On: Fri, Jan 20th, 2017

Here’s why it is okay to drop a year for JEE

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If you could not get into the desired engineering stream in your preferred IIT College, don’t accept it as your destiny. It’s time to consider the idea of investing in strategic preparation. Yes, it’s an investment and not a loss. You will have enough time to prepare for JEE Mains coaching, without the board exam time table hovering over your mind.

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You may be worried about ending up with a poor performance in the JEE entrance. But, the same fear exists at every stage of life. So, why fall prey to negative thoughts and give up on the zeal to succeed? If you are looking for reasons to back up your idea of dropping a year for the JEE preparation, here they are:

It’s all about top engineering institutes

Studying in one of the IIT institutes is like giving a significant boost to your career. It’s always better to study in an that is reputed across the country, than settling for anything ordinary. It is not just about giving your career a good start but also giving yourself the necessary exposure. In this scenario, even if you have to drop a year and prepare even harder, don’t hesitate from doing the same. The experience of studying at an IIT is priceless, and investing a year in it is worth your time.

Leave no scope to regret

An analysis of your performance in the last entrance test is important. This will help you in having a better idea about the areas where you failed. If you have a feeling that you underperformed this time, and you can excel with another chance, then just go for it. If time is the decisive factor in your performance, then why not invest it in a better way. Leave the demotivation of the unsuccessful JEE attempt behind, and dedicate a year to a planned preparation.

Prepare well without any academic commitment

When students are focusing on the board exam and the JEE entrance at the same time, some of them are likely to lose focus. If your last JEE attempt was immediately after the board exams, you might also have shuffled between the entrance exam preparation and the course specific studies. As the two exams have different question patterns, you are expected tohave a more balanced approach. But, if you are dropping a year for JEE Main coaching, you can focus on just one goalmethodically.

Enhance your knowledge

There can be three different scenarios compelling you to drop a year for JEE:
• Cleared the JEE Mains but could not succeed at the Advanced stage
• Cleared the JEE Mains but could not secure a good score at the Advanced stage
• Could not get enough score in the JEE Mains

All these scenarios lead to those sessions of self-assessment when you figure out the areas where you floundered. If the lack of adequate preparation was the reason for you to underachieve, then pull up your socks to make the best of the coming entrance exam. Enroll into a JEE Advanced coaching institute that helps you to learn the chapters of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematicswith a wider understanding. Along with the classroom coaching, you can also prepare at your own pace through a digital learning platform like Aakash iTutor.

The biggest advantage of learning from Aakash iTutor is that you can study on the go even without the internet and at your own pace. All the lectures delivered by the expert Aakash faculty is embedded in an SDcard and given to students subscribing to Aakash iTutor. The SD card can be plugged into a desktop, laptop, or a tablet.

Additionally, Aakash iTutor also offers access to high quality e-books, practice tests and quizzes and gives an opportunity to pose questions to the experts. Students can buy the entire JEE curriculum or just buy chapters as per their requirement.

Some students prefer enrolling into an average engineering institute and preparing for a better score in the next JEE exam simultaneously. This may be a risky decision, as again you would be compromising on the preparation time withyour college classes. Remember, when you are dropping a year for JEE with proper planning, you are putting your efforts towards a brighter future.

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