Published On: Thu, Oct 22nd, 2015

High Onion Prices Caused Electoral Setbacks To BJP In 1998. Will Dal Do Same In Bihar Election?

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The last three phases of Bihar election may be a tough road for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as well as his allies. The speedy rise of price of pulses (dal) to give a new headache.

Across India the prices of dal is shooting up and the anti-BJP alliance is ready to spoil the cooked agenda of Modi as well as his central government for Bihar.

High Onions Prices Caused Electoral Setbacks To BJP In 1998. Will Dal Do Same In Bihar Election

Many voters too seem to be in agreement in the midst of staggered polls. In 2014 people voted Modi in the Lok Sabha election for all the vows made to check the rise in prices of basic necessary items including dal, sugar and onion.

A voter named Ganesh Rai said to IANS news agency Modi has failed to check the prices of food items and so dal is currently selling at Rs 200 a kg. It is tough to afford and include in daily diet.

Rai runs a construction business near Chitkohra.

The high rise in price of dal is a big issue not only for poor but for middle class people too.

The third round of polls is hardly a week away and the great alliance is sure to hammer and tongs against BJP.

RJD leader Lalu Prasad Yadav said the poor have been dervived of dal as Modi has taken it away from their dal-roti daily diet.

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