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How Betway Africa Intends to Dominate African Sports Betting

Sports betting is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, especially in Africa.

The rapid rise of the internet across the continent has opened up the sector to a huge range of new markets, with gambling companies seeking to take advantage.

Betway is one of them, with the firm determined to make the most of the financial opportunities that are suddenly to be found in the African sports betting market.

There are numerous advantages to being able to bet on the internet, with African people increasingly finding this is their preferred way to place a wager.

After all, when betting online there is no need to get in your car – it is quick, easy and safe to place a bet via the internet. Be it on your favourite team or if you prefer casinos games, there are hundreds of online casinos ready to take your action.

Online betting is set to grow incredibly fast in the coming years, with Betway well placed to be at the front of the queue of companies looking to make cash.

Betway Africa

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What is Betway Africa?

Betway is a relatively new gambling company, but one that has quickly made a big impact.

Despite only being founded in 2006, Betway has gone on to become one of the most recognisable betting brands on the planet.

Although the company is based in Malta and Guernsey, Africa has developed into one of the most important markets for Betway over the course of the last couple of years.

Betway – the principal sponsor of Premier League football club West Ham United – has used similar deals to widen its appeal and brand recognition in Africa.

Earlier this year it was announced that Betway is to sponsor three of the biggest and best known clubs in Ghana – Aduana Stars, Medeama and Liberty Professionals. Betway already had a deal in place with Ashanti Gold in Ghana.

Kenya and South Africa are among the other countries where Betway has a strong presence, with Mathare United among the teams in those nations to be sponsored by Betway.


Why is online gambling growing so fast in Africa?

Sports fans living across Africa have always been interested in placing bets. But with infrastructure lacking in some parts of the country, it was not always as easy as some think.

People are now used to being able to place a bet in a matter of seconds via a mobile device such as a tablet, laptop computer or mobile phone.

But it is easy to forget that the public perception of gambling was quite different before the arrival of the internet.

Now, having a bet on live sport such as football is seen as being cool and attractive to younger people. Before, though, betting was more targeted at an older market.

The impact of the internet on the rise in sports gambling in Africa simply cannot be understated. Slow internet speeds are becoming a thing of the past in countries such as Nigeria, where fear of electronic fraud is also beginning to gradually recede.

With sports betting feeling increasingly safe and secure via mobile networks, there is now little technological reason for people in large parts of Africa not to be able to bet while out and about.

“There is a gradual shift to online now, that is where the industry is going,” Betway’s Nigeria manager Lere Awokoya said to Reuters recently.

“The growth in the number of fintechs, and the government as an enabler, has helped the business to thrive. These technological shifts encouraged Betway to start operating in Nigeria.”


Gambling companies and sponsorship deals

Betting brands have long used sponsorship deals to widen their potential audience – and Betway’s growth into Africa has been predicated on much the same business model.

Having seen the reputation of the firm grow by a huge amount following the blockbuster agreement with West Ham in the Premier League, Betway has made similar moves in Africa.

With African football still in need of some development, the sponsorship funds provided by Betway has enabled the clubs they are associated with to invest in grass-roots facilities.

In turn, this should boost activity levels among children and young people who want to play the sport, which in the long run could lead to the production of more high-class African players.

Betway has thus far steered clear of the more conservative countries in the north of Africa and this seems likely to be a sensible tactic.

But in countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa, it appears certain that Betway will have an increasingly large presence as sports betting continues to grow in popularity.

The future of sports gambling in Africa

Betway’s Africa presence is already strong but the company looks likely to place a larger focus on the continent in the years to come.

The firm has already signalled its intent in the build up to the World Cup, offering a massive NGN 300 million prize funds in the firm’s Choose your Champions promotion.

Betway customers in countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda were able to take part in this offer, which is expected to have attracted lots of new users to the firm.

The company has also been rolling out regular offers and promotions throughout the World Cup to its African users, ensuring they are not tempted to go and use another brand for betting.

And Betway is taking its commitment to Africa seriously, having started to offer health screenings to residents in parts of Ghana.

Betway’s challenge in Africa in the coming years is going to be two-fold – firstly ensuring that the user base continues to grow at a fast enough pace to justify the firm’s investment.

And secondly, keeping those customers happy and engaged after they sign up to bet. It is a double challenge Betway looks well placed to meet in the coming months and years.

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