Published On: Mon, Apr 18th, 2016

How British Gambling Is Helping Gambia’s Solar Power

In a remote country in Africa, a variety of development projects are under way. The Gambia is the smallest country on the continent in terms of square kilometres, extending approximately 200 kilometres inland and measuring only about 40 kilometres wide at its largest point. With just a little under two million people, not many people recognise the country or know about its struggles. Nevertheless, some organisations and businesses are contributing to its development. One British gambling company – mFortune – is making a substantial investment via solar power that stands to dramatically improve the lives of its residents.

The Gambia at a Glance

The Gambia is an inherently poor country – in fact, one of the poorest in the world – and has one of the smallest per capita GDPs in existence. With illiteracy plaguing nearly half of the population, large majorities living below what the United Nations indicates is a sustainable standard of living even in third-world nations, and struggles with corruption, it is hard for many to imagine the benefits of economic investment in the country. Yet, many bright possibilities are beginning to emerge in the nation. The education system is dramatically improving, but there are a litany of other challenges. One of those is the amount of daylight the country receives daily: its natural position and geography ensures that the effective days are shorter than in neighbouring nations.

How British Gambling Is Helping Gambia’s Solar Power

An Economically Necessary Solution

Shorter days inhibit economic activity. Even in western nations, productivity and economic activity rapidly decreases during the winter months due to shorter days. In a nation like The Gambia, the cost of basic lighting goods such as fuel, candles, standalone generators and batteries are out of reach for the vast majority of the population. This means that when the sun goes down, life stops in The Gambia. However, an economically feasible and necessary solution exists: solar power. In small quantities and applications – ideal for nations like The Gambia – solar power can be used to provide hours of light after the sun has already set in a renewable and affordable way.

mFortune Powering the Future of The Gambia

So what does a British gambling company have to do with The Gambia and its need for energy? One company, mFortune, has decided to collaborate with a charity known as Solar Lamps, which provides much-needed energy to impoverished communities. These solar lamps are rented out to students and teachers for very affordable rates each night, allowing them to complete schoolwork after the sun has set. What once started with just one school is now expanding to more than two dozen schools throughout the country in the near future, making it possible for countless children to further their educations with reliable lighting in the home. In addition, larger lamps are also available for long-term rental with the ability to fully-own after a short period of time.

Education is the key to a brighter future. With companies like mFortune and charities like Solar Lamps, one small part of the world is being improved bit-by-bit in truly meaningful ways. Changes such as these may not make the national news, but they are nevertheless critical in improving the lives of countless citizens around the world.

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