Published On: Fri, Jul 13th, 2018

How Can Juice Fasting Help to Lose Weight?

Juice fasting is practiced by many individuals and it is one of the ways to detox one’s body and keep it healthy. Toxins accumulate in the body. These toxins need to be cleaned and juice fasting (both fruit juice and vegetable juice fasting) is one of the best ways to do it. Additionally, though it is not their primary purpose, many juice detox plans lead to weight loss, which is one more advantage of juice fasting.

How Can Juice Fasting Help to Lose Weight

Since juice fasting includes mainly fruits and vegetables, many of which are negative calorie foods, this leads to lower input of calories, which in turn always leads to weight loss. However, the question is not to lose a pound and regain two after the end of a weight loss plan! It is true that it is possible to gain weight after a fruit detox fasting but discipline can prevent this from happening.

Juice detox fasting might be accompanied by dehydration, which means that some of the lost pounds are actually fluids. It is normal to restore part of these pounds after the end of the detox plan and this is not a reason to worry about. Also, some detox plans are outright starvation and they are to be avoided even by a perfectly healthy individual.

Juice fasting can lead to permanent weight loss because one of its benefits is improved metabolism. However, if anybody thinks that the occasional juice fasting leads to permanent weight loss, while at all other times he or she has the habit to overeat and/or stuff his or her body with any imaginable poison, this is certainly not so. There are great juice detox recipes for weight loss but they can’t compensate for poor nutrition habits.

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