Published On: Wed, Oct 14th, 2015

How Far Has Bihar Developed Over Decades Of Elections

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Remember the polls are not about just the politicians. Those are for people and issues too. Have these been taken care inside Bihar after dozens of elections and tons of leaders in past few decades. Let’s find out what is lacking in the state.

Still there are 28 million women in the state illiterate. Do you know the entire population of Australia is less than 28 million.

How Far Has Bihar Developed Over Decades Of Elections

Over the decades Bihar has failed to progress with the times even though the statistic sings a different tone.

Apart from these two, there’s another ill and it is deep divide of people along the caste and religious lines. Do you really get anything if these two facts are mixed.

The backward caste women in Bihar still don’t know how to sign their name. Is this the 21st century Bihar? However, there’s awakening too and finally the young women has started realizing education can lead them and their families as well.

The elections are in progress. Only first phase has taken place. There are more four phases to go. It is appealed to think before casting the votes. It is urged to think beyond caste and religion. It is a known fact only development can bring happiness to the Biharis. Can it be through Baharis?

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