Published On: Sun, Apr 12th, 2020

How Long Will It Take To Start Noticing Weight Loss?

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If you have started to work out and follow disciplined dietary then it is natural to wonder, when will I start seeing the bodyweight loss results? The truth is that there is no real answer to this question, as the results are dependent on your individual body traits, diet and the amount of workout.

The results may be visible as soon as within a week but to be real it makes more than a week see the result in most cases. As mentioned earlier, it is not a universal question, as the answer will differ in each case based on many variable factors.

The Real Truth

The whole science behind is that if you want to visibly see the difference, just reduction of a few pounds on the scale will not lead to that outcome, you will need to cut out a part of body mass to see that results and that includes more than just a few pounds.

The weight on which you started your journey is one of the key factors in this as well, for example, if you have lost 6lbs out of the 181lbs, it will probably not be visible at all, on the hand if you started at 140 lbs and then lost 6lbs, it will be much more visible.

Another important thing is most of our body is water, so if lose water weight in the body, despite seeing the difference on the weight scale, you will not see any visible results. Most times, the diet that is recommended by the experts for weight loss is not rich in carbs and as per the World Health Organisation, they are the most important source of energy in the world.

Many kinds of research, have found that consuming a diet that is not rich in carbs will lead to a reduction in the glycogen in the muscles as the primary function of carbs is to provide water to the muscles and due to this, the water in the body is depleted which results in weight loss. This process does not reduce body fat and that is what makes you look thin.

This gives us a lot to think about like, it may be the popular belief that weight scale is the best way to measure developments in your objective of weight loss. It is said that measuring tapes, are much more reliable for this objective as the scales do not consider the source of weight reduction.

Another factor is your own psychology as if you feel like you are the type of person who finds it difficult to acknowledge change until it is more apparent then you may take longer to notice the change in your body weight. You must be really honest with yourself and that means you must not over-exaggerate and neither ignore the growth.

As a conclusion, here is the sequence in which you will notice your weight loss-

  1. Wright Scale
  2. Measuring Tapes or Clothes Size
  3. Visible changes

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