Published On: Tue, Jun 12th, 2018

How to Avoid Unnecessary Eating at Office

If you are conscious of your weight, then you should be very careful in not offering company to your colleagues to visit the canteen or go to the coffee vending machine.

How to Avoid Unnecessary Eating at Office

If you have visitors to entertain, offer them their needs but excuse yourself politely from partaking the stuff yourself along with them.

Meetings and conferences may tend to feed you with cookies and hot/soft drinks at odd times. If you get tempted to consume them, at least be watchful about the quantity. Compensate this excess consumption by reducing your lunch and dinner intake.

Reduce Tension, If You Can

Tension secretes acid in the stomach and the stomach demands something to neutralize the acid. Tensions in workplace are two fold — one, those caused by your own omissions and commissions and two, those caused by reasons outside your control. Tensions caused by first category can be reduced by self-discipline, better planning, avoiding procrastination etc. Easier said, than done!

Whether at home or workplace, nothing could be achieved in diet control without self discipline. Concern about the consequences of obesity, poor eating habits etc should sink deep into your psyche for any disciplined eating habits to develop in you.

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