Published On: Sun, May 6th, 2018

How To Choose Chinese Theme For Home Decor

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Home decorators who are fascinated by the Chinese philosophy of auspicious spaces will find the best bet is to go for Chinese-inspired design. Many have believed that certain objects and locations inside the home affects the homeowner’s wealth, health, love, and luck. For this reason, many interior designers take a course in Feng Shui and apply their knowledge, for a fee.

How To Choose Chinese Theme For Home Decor

The Chinese have an ancient belief of harnessing the energies in buildings and objects, and they believe that a good positioning will balance the positive and negative energies surrounding a home. It is also believed that adding special objects further enhances the good luck brought to the people living within.

Chinese-themed interiors uses bold colors and furniture of intricate carvings and detail, mostly hand-painted in glossy lacquer. Ornate embroidery is also displayed. Murals and scenes from ancient mythology are also popular design elements in Chinese interiors. One can imagine a mystic drama unfolding with ornaments in the form of dragons.

Multicolored or painted in classic blue and white, porcelains are quintessential to completing that Chinese design element inside your home – from fish pots to large vases to ginger jars. It’s all about the details, from that glazed earthenware to sculpted jade.

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