Published On: Wed, Aug 30th, 2017

How to choose color for your walls

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The variety of various materials such as paints, wallpaper, plaster and much more on the market opens almost limitless possibilities for creation of your own exclusive interior in an apartment. Use your imagination and unexpected solutions and turn your apartment into the place where you will feel comfortable.

There are many shades, but not all of them can be successfully applied for painting the walls during repair. To successfully choose the right option, you need to better understand how this or that color will affect your mood, whether you will not get tired of it too quickly, and whether it will not become an irritating factor in the apartment. Plus, you also need to consider buying necessary equipment such as gas powered paint sprayer to paint your walls.

How to choose color for your walls

So, here are the basic colors that are most often used for painting the surfaces of living areas:
• Blue and white colors soothe and help to concentrate;
• Blue color will calm you down and it is better to use it in bedrooms and rooms designed for relaxation;
• Purple color stimulates mental activity, it is the color of intellectuals, that is why it can be used in study rooms;
• Red color raises the mood, but the main thing is not to use it excessively.
• Yellow brings thoughts into order and it is even used to fight depression;
• Orange is the color of strong and active people;
• Gray is a calm and aristocratic color that can be used in any premises.

Let’s talk about colors and their combinations.

White walls

Many people are opponents of the white color, considering it too boring and cold. But no one says that the color cannot be combined with contrasting, calm or bright tones.

The same applies to combinations of white and shades of blue colors. This color of the walls looks unsurpassed with turquoise, aquamarine and dark blue hues. For a floor it is possible to choose light gray color, and put down a blue or bright blue carpet. This interior will look refreshing and will contrast sharply with the urban jungle, bringing thoughts of the sea. Similarly, you can combine other colors with white.

Blue shades on the walls

The blue color is an option that too few approve: the room in such shades is not very much combined with the home comfort in a residential apartment. But if you correctly combine different shades, it will calm you down and balance your thoughts. If you doubt which shade to choose for the children’s room, blue is the color that will stimulate the child to mental development.

If you don’t want your room to look too faded and boring, you should use a combination of light blue and white. It is better to combine cold shades with warm ones. For the floor you should select a brown color. The same color should be present in the elements of furniture. If the furniture is white or too light, the room will look like a hospital room.

Pink shades

Pink colors should also be applied skillfully. They are suitable not only for the design of glamorous women’s rooms. If you choose the right shade and correctly combine it with other colors, you can create an elegant and original interior. This tone is ideal for hallways, bedrooms and living rooms. It can look good in the kitchen too. The main thing is to focus on calm, noble shades. For the floor, choose either white or brown shades.

Necessary equipment for painting walls

Electric spray guns for painting walls perfectly save time, are compact and convenient for carrying. With their help you will be able to paint corners and hard-to-reach surfaces, it is easier to paint ceilings. When working with electric spray guns, you can choose the proposed spray pattern: horizontally, vertically and in a circle, which will facilitate the task, and the presence of a flexible sampling tube will allow the work to be performed from any angle. All you need to do is to find plural component spray provider and buy one to paint your walls.

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