Published On: Fri, May 8th, 2020

How To Choose The Right Kitchen Remodeling Contractor?

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If you decided to install kitchen cabinets in your kitchen then you need to keep in mind that having the right contractor for the kitchen remodeling process is a very essential thing. There are certain things to keep in mind like the budget of the remodeling process, your goals of design, and your inspiration that you have collected.

Apart from the aforementioned things, the most important factor unit to be mindful of is the trust factor. you cannot trust the work of a contractor which is not licensed for the work he is offering to provide because it can really be detrimental to you in the both emotional and financial aspect. You need to hire a professional for this work who is completely respectful, honest, and is proven expertise because you are allowing that individual to enter your living space.

Step 1: Make a list of potential contractors

The best way to start this process is to do your preparation first and create a kind of a shortlist where you type or write down the names of potential contractors that you have assembled from your neighborhood or by looking online.

For this process, there are tons of sources that you can use and it depends upon the individuals like you can ask a friend who has recently remodeled their house or you can ask someone from your neighborhood. You can even go online and look for the nearby contractors and go from there.

Step 2: Read reviews and ratings

After collecting and creating a list of names of the potential contractors the next thing that you need to do is check out the ratings and reviews that are posted online from previous customers of those contractors.

This is a very important and easy task because a contractor himself will not tell you all the things that are bad about him but a customer who has suffered or a customer who is the satisfied will of his opinion online completely partially and that can be really helpful for you in this process

You do not have to just scroll through the reviews we have to write down the key reviews and ratings that you have learned about the potential contractors and then at a glimpse to compare them from one another and create a shortlist.

Step 3: Provide information

After you have completed two steps of screening, you can then go ahead and contact the potential contractors. After contacting them you need to tell them your specific requirements and all the information that they will need if they accept your work. Some of the contractors would outright mention to you that your requirements are not feasible with them which is ok because now you do not have to worry about contacting them anymore. The rest of the contractors will ask a few questions from themselves and then you can choose which one seems to be more compatible with your specific needs to choose the right remodeling contractor for your kitchen.

While telling them the specifics about your project there are few things that you should share like,

  • The timeline
  • Expected working hours
  • Inform them about the placement of different electrical switches outlets and fixtures.
  • Flooring material and brand
  • Countertop material and brand
  • Kinds of cabinets
  • Design of the kitchen

Step 4: Interview

This can be a telephonic interview where you ask a few questions about the experience and other things related to the prospective contractors. You need to communicate all the necessary things beginning the interview because you do not want to waste their and your time.

A few questions that should be part of the interview are:

Experience– You can ask the person about the history of their business.
A detailed written contract – You always need a contract with the contractor because in case of any damage that therein, you need to be able to hold them accountable so ask if there is any such written contract in practice.

What is the cost structure? – No matter how good the quality is, you will always be rejecting a potential contractor, if the cost they Aare charging are too high. So, one of the most important things here is to accumulate the total budget of your remodeling project to your kitchen remodeling and then compare the prices charged.

These are the key questions other questions that you can ask are:

  • Description of people that will be working at your house
  • Do they provide itemized pricing?
  • What is the process of changing order specifications?
  • The licenses and certifications of the contractors will make sure that they are professionals and certified to do their services.

Step 5: – Asking for bids and checking references

You need to ask for pricing bids from more than one contractor that you are comfortable with. After getting the bids you need to compare those bids for choosing the final contractor for you. Another thing you need to do is to check the references provided to you by them. You must keep in mind that the lowest bid will not certainly be the best because there are other things to consider their and you must not take any kind of risk in remodeling your houses.

Asking for references is very important because this will help you make sure that all the claims made by the contractor are real by contacting actual customers that have taken their services in the past.

Step 6 – Sign a contract

After you have confirmed which contractor you are going with, the next and the final step for you is to enter into a contract with him. The contract must be legally obligatory and must contain the following things:

  • Documentation for licensing bonding and insurance
  • The person who will secure permits
  • Terms of payment
  • Material and labor pricing
  • Work timing
  • Complete set of services provided and the finish dates estimation for those services.
  • Phone numbers, addresses, and names of all the material suppliers and laborers.

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