Published On: Thu, Apr 26th, 2018

How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer in Jaipur

Everyone looks towards their wedding day with nostalgia. They plan make it a bash and have every bit captured in photographs that naturally tell the story. Photographs once taken cannot be altered. For this reason, choosing a wedding photographer in Jaipur can be stressful. Should it be? Photographs afford us the opportunity of re-living pleasant memories which for many, none is greater than the wedding day. An anonymous quote says ‘men (and women of course!) are born, they marry and they die.’ This underscores the need to choose who puts this all-important event in permanent focus through photography. Every bride and groom wants to choose the right photographer; The question is how? Here are eight, by no means exhaustive tips to help do just that.

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The venue makes the event! Hosting a great event in a shabby venue is a contradiction in terms. The venue is what is going to be captured as a background in your photographs. So think exquisite venue. A ‘good’ speaks and echoes out loud. The right professional to handle your special day should be carefully selected based on references from previous unbiased clients. If an expert and acclaimed wedding photographer can not provide references to answer for your work, beware!

There are no free lunches! You get what you pay for. You must ask yourself what your budget is, and then shop for the best available service within your budget. Image resolution. Pixels are the amount of dots captured in your photograph. This is affected by the software used by your photographer and the ‘power’ of the camera. The RAW software, for instance, is generally accepted to give a better production than the jpeg.

Native intelligence. As absurd as it may sound, native intelligence teaches us that a man who is under pressure will not perform optimally. As much you can avoid photographers who work in a pool.

The person determines the product. Photography is a delicate means of expressing personality. The personality of the photographer shapes his/her concepts and comes to bear on the quality of his/her production. The complex isn’t it!

Looks could be deceptive. Exteriors are an important part of projecting a business image. Photography is not excluded from this. Wedding photographers go the extra mile to give a positive, at times expensive, larger-than-life exterior. However, if this positive outlook is not supported by their experience and the quality of their work, then take to heels!

Choose your style, be smart and relax. You need to decide on either the journalistic, non-posing style which tends to chronicle events as they unfold as opposed to the constantly posed style which is more formal and is posed for at all times. A little mixed-grill approach often gives best results. After all, the variety they say is the spice of life. The meeting with your wedding photographer in Jaipur needs to be frank and factual, firm as well as flexible. When it’s all set, you can finally relax and enjoy your day.

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