Published On: Sat, Oct 21st, 2017

How To Keep Your Online Data Safe With Google Account

At the end of the day consumers are dependent on the service provider for securing online data. To make it better search giant Google has provided an extra opt-in features to aid its users and help in being capable of logging in and gain access to respective account.

Google has two-step authentication process for this. In the first step users is at liberty to gain access to a randomly generated code when logged-in at a specified area. If not user can opt for step two i.e. enter only after a lapse of thirty days.

Google will request for the code again, thus disallowing trespassers to gain access to your account. Earlier, Google would send email to users when unwanted elements tried to trespass in their two-step accounts. However, Google has come up with another option. The phone notifications.

How To Keep Your Online Data Safe With Google Account

Persons who get daily a heavy number of emails, may receive email notifications along with them which may now be silenced. The notification will alert the user in case there is an unwanted intrusion into the account. This service is user friendly and helpful. This is how one may go about doing it.

In the first step

Gain access to your Google account and click your profile picture and select Account, found in the top right corner.

In the second step

The user here will see a Security link on the left of the page. Click on it. After that scroll down the Notification. One point to note and that is the user will have to verify his or her phone number for this.

The third step

When the phone number is verified, turn to check the boxes that appear near the Password change and Suspicious log-in attempt.

These notifications will be available on the users’ phones, allowing its users to be alerted at once if there is a break-in into the account. Should one get these notifications, then it is time to say adieu to the existing password and welcome a new password.

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