Published On: Mon, Apr 27th, 2020

How To Remove The Wallpaper Borders Easily and Quickly

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You do not need to waste another second worrying about how to remove wallpaper border as we have made it very easy for you. It is very normal to have a moment when we realize that our room needs to be redecorated before we had planned it. It is because even though wallpapers can add beautiful textural interest and pattern to a room, it leaves borders which are very difficult to remove. The reality is all you need is a few inexpensive tools and the right method coupled with patience to get rid of those wallpaper borders in no time.

Things you will need

  • Sponge with scouring pad
  • Electric steamer
  • Wallpaper stripper
  • Spray bottle
  • Gloves 
  • wallpaper scoring tool 
  • paint scraper 
  • drop cloth

The process

Step 1: First thing is to get rid of all the furniture in the room that you can and if there is any remaining furniture cover them with drop cloths.

You will find out after beginning that some of those wallpapers will come out easier than others, you can check if wallpaper can come off easily by simply trying to lift the corner of the wallpaper using a putty knife. If the paper comes off easily you can continue the process without worrying about getting it wet in between.

If this doesn’t work and you find out the wallpaper is not coming out so easily, you will need to use a wallpaper scoring tool for making small slats or holes in the wallpaper. You can make the holes randomly across the paper and make sure, the more you make the easier it will be for the wallpapers scoring tool to reduce glue of the paper.

Step 2: Before going any further make sure to put a pair of gloves. Fill the spray bottle with water stripper before diluting it with water. You need to make the wallpaper stripper usable as per the instructions provided to you by the manufacturer of the particular stripper. Once you have prepared the solution, spray gradually on the entire paper and allow it to sit there and let the paper soak it for a few minutes.

Step 3: After a few minutes, start removing a section of the wallpaper border. Using a putty knife lift paper border from one area. After lifting the edge you should use your hands to grasp it and peel as much paper as you can without breaking it off. If you are still having difficulty, spray again, and repeat the process until the paper starts coming off.

Step 4: After peeling it off, if there are stubborn spots stuck, you can use the electric steamer which will further soften the glue. Now have another round of scrapping using the putty knife.

Step 5: After the entire wallpaper border has been removed, make sure to wash the area using a scrubbing pad and warm water to remove any remaining adhesive. Let the area dry.

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