Published On: Thu, Nov 9th, 2017

How To Take Care Of Nails, Keep It Beautiful

Beauty conscious people try to always keep their nails beautiful by maintaining it clean and healthy. Below are some tips how to do so:

• Soak your soft nails in hot olive oil for about 20 minutes; repeat this process in alternate days. This process is for hardening the soft nails.
• For removing stains from nails, add one table spoon of lemon extract in a cup of water and soak your nails in this mixture for few minutes. After that wash your nails with hot water and apply hand moisturizer.
• Apply good quality cuticle oil instead of using cuticle remover tool. Use orangewood stick to push the cuticle back after applying cuticle oil.

How To Take Care Of Nails, Keep It Beautiful

• Avoid using polish remover more than one time within a week.
• Apply petroleum jelly on your nails, and buff them by using soft cloth, this treatment is to give a natural sheen look to your nails.
• Avoid constant use of nail polish; this step is to prevent your nails from ugly and yellow appearance.
• Increase the use of organic silica, vitamin B (particularly B5) and Methyl- Sulfonyl-Methane), if your nails are brittle, uneven or dull.
• Give up nail biting habit, if you really want to keep beautiful and healthy nails. This habit is harmful for nails and cuticles.
• Keep a habit of drying your nails every time when you wash your nails. After drying your nails properly, apply hand lotion or cream on nails and hands. This step is to prevent nails from drying and brittleness.
• Always file your nails when you already wearing nail polish on your nails, this step is taken to avoid breakage and splitting of nails.

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