Published On: Tue, Dec 26th, 2017

How to Use Holidays to give Your Business a Boost

It’s that time of year again! Shoppers are out in full-force, people are a lot looser with their spending, and it’s a great time for businesses to put a cherry on top of their yearly figures.

How to Use Holidays to give Your Business a Boost

If you don’t have the type of business that gets busier this time of year, perhaps it’s a slower time for you, no worries – we’ve got some ideas for you, too!

5. Stop, Collaborate, and Listen

Are there any neighboring businesses, or other local companies you might be able to team up with to offer a promotion?

People love to get their holiday shopping done with as few trips as possible, so offering some kind of bundle or package that incorporates multiple products or services from local companies can be a great option.Listen to what your customers are saying, and ask some of your regular what they’d like to see in terms of gift offerings.

4. If You Sell Experiences, Offer the Whole Package

If you have the type of business that offers experiences rather than physical products (Whether it’s a spa, an escape room, a bowling alley, whatever…) make sure you’re still selling those experiences in a way that allows the gift-giver to present something nice to the recipient.

A simple voucher or gift card is one thing, but spending a couple dollars extra and having very nice packaging and branding for the voucher, gift card, or whatever the case may be – that makes things easier for the gift-giver, and thus makes them more likely to choose what you’re offering!

3. Be Ready!

Stocking up for the holiday season can be a challenge, especially if you have holiday-themed products. You don’t want to end up with too much stock that you can’t sell come January, but you also want to make sure you can meet demand.

You may need to get clever with this one! For example, if you can take an existing product and add an extra something to the outside of the packaging to make it “holiday themed”, that you can then remove after the holidays, that’s a great option for certain types of businesses/products.

2. Update your Marketing Materials / Website

If you have landing pages on your site that you send visitors too, or even your homepage in general, staying up to date on different holidays can really move the needle.

Just make sure you’re ready to take it down and go back to normal as soon as the holidays are over, otherwise it looks like you aren’t on top of things and has the opposite, negative impact that you gain from having it up before the holidays are over.

AskGamblers is a great example of how to do this, they’ve put together a special holiday-themed page detailing all of the best deals in their business’ category as a way to give back to their fans and readers. This kind of thing can go a long way towards building loyalty and favorability among your customers and potential customers. It is the season of giving after all, isn’t it?

1. Adapt!

This one is for everyone out there that isn’t very busy during the holiday seasons. Use the slower time as a chance to ramp up your business for the upcoming year so that you can hit the ground running. Some industries, like retail or online shipping or anything that makes a good gift, they look forward to this time of year during the other 11 months.

Other businesses might not be as in-demand during the end of the year and the holidays, but it’s a great opportunity to work on other things. You can get a head-start on your tax preparation, inventory, planning for the upcoming year, and so on. Some businesses that are slow around the holidays use it as a time to take care of all the types of things they don’t always have time for during their busy seasons.

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