Published On: Thu, Feb 15th, 2018

How to utilize viral marketing potential

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Creating unique articles or entertaining videos that can be published and passed off online is often an afterthought for many business owners. However, the truth is that viral marketing is not only the most powerful form of marketing today, but also the easiest and most cost efficient form of marketing. Whether one already spends hours a day on YouTube or perhaps does not even know that the word viral means, it is time Web marketers understood viral marketing and started to use it.

How to utilize viral marketing potential

Viral Marketing is a Game of Numbers – Less is Better!

Many Web marketers play the numbers game when it comes to marketing and attempt to publish as many articles and content pieces as humanly possible in order to get the highest possible number of links out there. The game of viral marketing, however involves quality, rather than quantity. Focusing effort on a very high quality piece may result in just one link initially, however the idea is that other people on the Internet will find the piece engaging and will pass the link on within their own blogs and social networks. It can almost be seen as investing time into a content piece for the purpose of producing numerous links in the future.

Social Marketing is Rooted in Simplicity

Every business owner and Webmaster has access to viral marketing, and the opportunity should be taken advantage of without any hesitation. While this method of marketing has been around for years, it has never been easier, thanks to the creation of social sites such as YouTube, Digg, Facebook and so on. Looking at it in simple terms, a business owner can create a hilarious video or a stimulating article and have it lead to thousands and thousands of hits on a Web site and as a result, experience a big surge in profit.

If done right, it can be as simple as that. In fact, the most successful viral campaigns are just that, simple. The goal is to write or produce a piece that is engaging to a wide variety of people, has wide appeal and is quick and to the point, and in some kind of creative way, has the marketing interests at hand integrated within the piece.

Social Marketing is Free Word of Mouth

Many people refer to viral marketing as free word of mouth advertising. Even boring videos on YouTube can often get over a thousand hits, which could translate to a lot of exposure. But one also needs to realize that there are a lot more venues out there on top of YouTube and videos. One can utilize dozens of quality social bookmarking sites, add a few links into content, and watch traffic increase.

Viral Videos are Unpredictable

While it can never be totally predicted which types of articles or videos will go viral, the best bet is to make content that is of high quality. If Web marketers are not confident in writing skills, it is advisable to hire someone to write exceptional articles that will be sure to be forwarded on. Making quality videos will lead to content being promoted with the end result of brand awareness growth.

In today’s modern world of business, there is no form of marketing as powerful as content that goes viral. After devising a strategy, and creating quality content, all that will be left to do is to watch traffic and brand recognition grow.

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