Published On: Fri, Aug 5th, 2016

HTC Soon To Launch Viveport App Sport For VR

HTC is learned to be coming up with its new Viveport app store this fall and it will be completed for the Vive virtual reality headset. The store is said to be offering new virtual reality experiences to the headset-owners.

HTC said the new Viveport app store will feature content across the exciting, new categories for the virtual reality. It will include edutainment, social media, information, 360 degree videos, sports, news, health, shopping and travel as well.

HTC Soon To Launch Viveport App Sport For VR

Initially the device maker will be launching a developer beta version of the store and thereafter to launch it for around thirty countries.

As of now, since spring, the store is live in China.

It is learned the launching of the store will also introduce an update to Vive Home.

HTC said, “The upcoming release will also introduce an update to Vive Home, which is our personal and customizable virtual space with interactive widgets and more.”

HTC added the store is basically for those who are unable to use Steam and in China the user base for Steam is not much.

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