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Implementing Staff Project Management Strategies to Improve Safety

Project management is an important part of running any business. It optimizes execution time and helps define the project and the direction for employers and employees.

It also establishes the boundaries and scope of the projects and helps the project manager establish a baseline plan for the schedule and cost of the project providing a tracking mechanism for that baseline.

It Identifies and establishes communication needs and methods that ensure optimal safety in the workplace.

Defining Project Management


Planning is an absolute necessity in project management. There are always potential dangers that can delay the project, so it is better to plan it out rather than waiting to delay the project and blow its budget.

Project objectives

Project Management help the organization to state the objectives of the project and identify the stakeholders. it also identifies the elements required for success, set down target dates and create a realistic budget.

Information Sharing

Communication is key in any business, especially where safety is concerned. Project management makes provision for stakeholders to meet the team on a regular basis and brainstorm ideas, identify safety problems and provide solutions. It also ensures proper reporting and accountability take place.

Identifying critical & non-critical paths

Project management enables business to identify its legislative responsibilities and company goals before the project starts. It provides space for the business to assess the potential impact its decisions will have on workplace safety and employee health.

Team Management

Developing staff project management processes enables business to be more aware of the weaknesses in the organization and ensures that duties are assigned to each team member in accordance with that person’s strengths and particular areas of expertise.

Tools to Help Manage Projects and Staff Safety

Software has become the tool of choice for most businesses today. Early initiatives such as MYOB have been developed and advanced to encompass nearly every conceivable aspect of project management and workplace safety processes.

Indivia Australia, who specialise in MYOB Administrative software and have been instrumental in developing resources for business says that such software,

“Creates open communication and clear management practices. Ensure that your staff are informed, organized and well managed at any time, wherever they may be working.” – Ashwin Bhat

These administrative resources help create open communication and clear management practices. Managers can ensure that their staff is informed, organized and well managed at any time, wherever they may be working.

Project managers can also use this software create customized reporting functions with the in built report tool.

In dealing with safety in the workplace, a number of applications, such as the Digital pre-op checks from Plant Assessor, are an excellent way of managing the safety and of staff and the management of plant equipment.

They are also useful as a means of training employees in the procedural methods required on site in a number of industries.

Auditing tools such as these can be used on a mobile devices to manage digital Pre-Op/Pre-Start checks on plant and equipment and allow managers to access and monitor employee safety procedures in real-time.

Such software prioritises issues requiring attention using a traffic light system based on risk management principles.

Project Management Systems help Document and Control Handling Procedures

Even in a digital age, we need to keep our paperwork and office systems in order. We need to have proper procedures so the employees know what is required of them and their work can be tracked and recorded.

Adam Mc Dean, CEO of BusinessBasics Australia, which provides Management consulting on safety and industry standard training in business management believes that,

“Once you understand your risks it is important to do something about them. A safety management plan is how you are going to mitigate and minimize the chances of injuries occurring.”

Project Management Systems that Help with Training Plans

Training plans that are integrated into the overall management of industry projects have become the bedrock to a safer and more profitable workforce.

Standard elements of such safety management plans include:

  • Carry out project risk assessments
  • Carry out workplace and task hazard identification, risk assessments and controls.
  • Plan and deliver toolbox talks.
  • Challenge unsafe behavior/attitude at any level when encountered.
  • Carry out formal incident investigations
  • Carry out formal inspections of workplace and work tasks
  • Monitor subcontractor activities
  • Understand and apply general legislative requirements
  • Understand and apply general regulatory workers’ compensation requirements
  • Work with staff to solve safety problems

The data collected from the above tasks can then be used for the development and prioritization of training.

They can also be incorporated into position statements for use in recruitment and selection processes.

A robust training plan to develop the skills, abilities and behaviors required by employees should be set to achieve safety culture and happens best when part of an overall management strategy.

Project Management Systems to Help with Reporting and Follow-Up

Project management systems ensure that all staff are assigned specific safety accountability within their job descriptions. The are expected to act responsibly in a safe manner at all times and to work within the safety systems developed for their respective workplace.

Proper management and workflow systems ensure that accidents are reported and near misses are identified. They create appropriate channels for hazards and unsafe acts to be identified as well as making sure that the company complies with the requirements of the government and in house safety policies.

Even in a digital age, we still need to keep our paperwork and office systems in order. We need to have procedures in place so that workers know what is required and their work can be tracked and recorded in a way that is profitable for business and safe for individuals.

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