Published On: Mon, Feb 27th, 2017

Indian eJuice Market Growing Fast Due To Increasing Young Population

The Indian e-juice market is growing rapidly and in a new report from Research and Markets titled “Indian eLiquids and eJuice Market (2016-2022)” there will be CAGR of 54.1 percent during the forecast period of 2016 and 2022.

The primary reason for the growth in e-juice market is increasing young population in the country that is leading towards a change in consumer lifestyle, demands as well as spending activities.

Indian eJuice Market Growing Fast Due To Increasing Young Population

More to this, development of innovative products as well as added extra features are improving the satisfaction level of the customers and also increasing the customer base for ejuice, eliquids and ecigarettes.

Today’s customers are looking for various flavored products and are well prepared to spend extra money for the extra benefits.

The Indian market is segregated in various forms in terms of eLiquid and eJuice like pre-filled eLiquid and bottled eLiquid, distribution channels – online, offline and other formats, demography – age group and sex, as well as location – tier 1 cities, and tier 2 cities.

It is estimated the market for pre-filled eLiquid may reach $1,095.3 million by 2022 due to its high demand and also users often prefer refillable or replaceable eLiquid.

More to this, tier 1 cities segment will play important role in the expansion of market and age group of 24-25 years will be targeted more.

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