Published On: Sat, Jul 22nd, 2017

Indian Railways Catering System Serving Unfit Food For Human Consumption: Report

Food served on Indian Railways are not fit for human consumption, reveals report of a Comptroller and Auditor General.

The report adds unpurified tap water is being used for the preparation of food and the food is also being left unprotected from rats and insects.

Seventy stations and eighty trains over Zonal Railways were inspected and it was found the articles were unsuitable for human consumption, waste bins were found uncovered, tap water was used for beverages preparation and hygiene standards were not maintained.

Indian Railways Catering System Serving Unfit Food For Human Consumption- Report

The report also adds unfair trade practices were found in the trains as well as at stations. The waiters didn’t carry printed menu cards with tariffs, unapproved packaged drinking water was sold, food served was less than prescribed quantity and bills were also not provided for the served food.

The CAG found prices and weighs of sold items at stations were different compared to the open market.

At Allahabad station a packed of Lays chips weighing 29.5 grams was sold at Rs 18 while an identical product weighing 30 grams was sold for just Rs 10 outside the station premises.

A passenger satisfaction survey revealed 36 percent of the commuters were overcharged and 21 percent said the rates of items were not reasonable.

The report found even though complaints redressal system has been put in place, but the number of complaints were not seen falling.

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